The workshop booking page is now live. One or two workshops still have incomplete information.

Booking is simple with no log in required. Just click through on the link and claim your space.

PLEASE don’t book workshops unless you are really sure you can attend them. Places are limited to 10 for each workshop (or fewer) so places are precious.

If you change your mind for some reason you can either log on to your booking at your account page or email to let us know.

About your account page

For various reasons all financial transactions are hosted on our ‘mother’ site – – so when you made your original booking an account was created for you there. So if you want to see your original booking go to and log in with your email address. We don’t know your password but you can either click on ‘Lost password’ or you can email us and ask us to create a new temporary password for you.

Once you make a workshop booking you will also have an account at (this site) and you will be able to log on here and amend any workshop bookings. Any questions, just ask!