With the increasing Covid rates in the UK where the infection rate is now estimated to be around 1 in 30 people, it’s perhaps not surprising that we ended up with some positive cases emerging at our gathering last week. We know of about 5 cases – some were probably unwittingly brought to the event and some may have occurred as a result of the event.

We hope that most were able to avoid Covid. The only thing we can advise is that if you are feeling unwell you take a test and act accordingly. We made tests available during the event to anyone who was feeling unwell and the few who tested positive then isolated themselves from the studios and other indoor spaces.

We are sorry to report that one of the positive cases was in Perry, so if you were staying in Perry we would advise you to take a Covid test when possible.

For reference here is the latest update from the ZOE Covid Study which is considered to be more reliable than the ‘official ‘statistics in the UK.