Y’th greuv (in yer face):
performative face and body painting with earth pigments from Devon and Cornwall with Peter Ward.

Sunday 26th June 2022 10:00 – 15:00 at Dartington Hall Estate/River Dart
£35/£25 for the day

In the immediate run-up to the art.earth symposium Sentient Performativities: here’s a fun outdoor workshop with Peter Ward – exploring local earth pigments and body painting alongside the river Dart. Pete is very well-known for his fantastic body-painting workshops. The workshop is open to all but for those attending the symposium the workshop will end in time for registration.

Since we have been expressing our relationship with the world we have used colours gathered from our immediate environment. Whether painting ritually on our bodies, cave walls or on paper and canvas, the colours we use imply a direct connection to the earth. Painting our bodies and faces with locally sourced earth pigments is one of the most primal expressions, allowing us to connect and affirm ourselves as part our ecology.

This day workshop, with ecological artist and earth pigment specialist Pete Ward, will offer a space for people to explore the animate nature of Southwest England’s mineral world through their intimate application and performance.

After personal introductions, the workshop will begin with characterisations of the earth pigments, hand gathered by the artist in Devon and Cornwall, their source and nature, and instruction on the basic process of paint making, in this instance simply with pigment and water. Participants will be invited to develop marks and designs on their own and each other’s faces and bodies (depending on participants individual comfort and preference) to explore and reflect their personal sense of indigenous identity to their animate surroundings. Participants may also choose to make additional adornments from found local materials. The workshop will close with any performances inspired, time to reflect upon the process and a communal swim to wash off the pigments.

The workshop will be situated on the banks of the River Dart within the Dartington Estate to enable easy washing and a varied backdrop to document the process. A number of paintings may be achieved. A simple shelter will be provided in case of rain. A photographer/film maker will be invited to document the event and any paintings/performances that may arise.

All pigments are non-toxic and easily washable. Relevant health and safety, safeguarding and risk assessments will be introduced and observed.

All materials supplied. (Participants are invited to bring personal towels for washing and mirrors to enable personal paint application although a certain number will be supplied.)