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We advise you to prepare your answers first and then copy and paste them into this form. That way, if something goes wrong you haven’t lost everything. And if you’re wondering what information we require, first choose your type of submission and the appropriate questions will appear.

Please take a good look at the call for proposals before submitting your proposal.

The deadline is Sunday January 16 at 23.00.

We are still in a fluid situation with the global coronavirus pandemic. At this stage our intention is to run the event with both live and remote attendance. It would be very helpful to understand whether you are planning to attend live assuming that is a possibility next July. Before making your decision we would ask you to read this.

Choose the closest submission type. If in doubt choose 'Other' and explain in your text.

Paper or other presentation

A formal or informal presentation lasting 20 minutes with an additional 10 minutes for Q&A.
Please include as much detail as you can.

Panel or other discursive session

Most panels in academic conferences tend to follow a model where contributors each speak for 5-10 minutes and then there is time for questions. In reality speakers often exceed their time allotments and little time is left for audience participation. We really don't want that, so we'd be very happy for you to propose different models which break the 'expert table' model and are genuinely about conversation and discourse rather than being yet another set of presentations.

If you would like us to post information on the website about your proposed panel (if you're seeking contributors) we're happy to help.

However, please don't expect us to organise your panels for you. If you are proposing a panel you're accepting the responsibility to collect contributors and ensure they plan to attend the event.


We take a liberal approach to workshops and we may decide to group a number of workshops together and ask participants to take part in them all.

Please be as inventive as you like. A workshop might last an hour, a couple of hours, all day or all night (for example).

At this glorious time of year we encourage you to propose workshops outdoors and at curious times of day like the crepuscular hour, dawn or overnight..

Typically we prefer to keep workshops small (around 10 participants)
Please be detailed. Tell us, for example, what will happen and how; whether you any special equipment or type of space; who else might be involved in delivering the workshop, etc.


We will not have the capacity to stage fully-teched performances with the exception of invited keynote performances. There are however all kinds of ways you may offer live performance including outdoor short performances. Be adventurous.
Be as detailed as possible including in particular any resources you might require and the type of space you envision.


for screening during the event and online
or anticipated length if the film is still in production
As much detail as you like.
It is ideal if we can view a preview or the film itself. Please include any required password here.

Mini performance or reading

We will create space in the programme for mini-interventions lasting 5 minutes

This might be a reading either of your own text or someone else's, or it may be a mini-performance (no tech).

These mini-events are intended to punctuate the proceedings and remind us all why we are gathered together.

Other proposal

If you have a proposal that does not fit into the above categories, this is your chance to tell us about it.

Be as detailed as you can.
Be as detailed as you can.

Additional information

Please send us at least one image.

Permitted formats are jpg, jpeg, png, mp3, mp4, mov, webp

It can be an image relating to your proposal or relating to you or your company.

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Drop your file here or click here to upload
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Drop your file here or click here to upload
This is for additional information only. Please do not ask us to read this in lieu of your proposal.
This is what we will use in the programme and website if your proposal is accepted.
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