with Paula Kramer & Sharon Gimpel

Let there be rest – a dive into embodied ‘shmita’ (שמיטה)

Time to be, rest, move – nurtured and sustained by the Feldenkrais Method and outdoor movement practice,
supported by site and fellow movers

Sunday 26th June 22 10:00 – 15:30  Dartington Hall Estate/Studio 6 & outdoors by River Dart

£35 for the day / Please bring sturdy shoes, a water bottle, comfortable and warm clothes for indoors & outdoors, a notepad & pen.

In the immediate run up to the Sentient Performativities Symposium, this is an opportunity to go deep with Paula & Sharon’s work, enjoying a day in the studio and outdoors on the Dartington Estate.

About the Workshop:

In the immediate run up to the art.earth Symposium, this is an opportunity to go into depth with Paula & Sharon’s work, enjoying a day in the studio and alongside the River Dart on the Dartington estate.

Let there be rest responds to a world that is continuously becoming faster, fuller, more complex, more exhausting, more exhausted, less bodily and more digital – all at the same time. This workshop offers time and space for moving-from-resting, for replenishing, for being a body, for letting be, letting go, breathing out and leaving fallow – ways of being that have almost completely vanished from the rhythms of our daily lives. As two practitioners with a strong sense of sisterhood in the field of dance, somatic practices and outdoor movement, we lead this collaborative in- and outdoor workshop as a physical response to the Jewish concept of shmita – the seventh year, the sabbatical year, the year in which the fields are left to rest and debts are waived. Literally translated shmita means letting go and physically this is the place where we begin. How do we dance with and meet the world when we allow our physical selves to breathe deeply, receive and rest?

Our day together begins with a Feldenkrais lesson in a studio setting, transitioning into free movement explorations. We will then work on site, exploring most likely the river edge. Together we will explore practices that encourage deep cellular rest, as well as call on the strength and bounty of movement that emerges from a place of resting, receiving and listening. Our materiality will be kept awake throughout and our bodies invited to sense, meet and respond to all that surrounds us – floor, earth, air, humans, wind, flies, voices, water.

Both the Feldenkrais method and the further movement practices we draw on (Amerta movement & Walk of Life in particular) offer somatic resources for moving-dancing with ease, awareness, differentiation, rigour and ultimately choice – and it is such potentials of the somatic field we wish to share and offer. If we become more aware of where and how we are, allowing our bodies to rest deeply (when needed), we also have more choice and possibility to dive into action and creation (when needed). Here’s to somatics that doesn’t only turn inwards, but has a lot to say and offer to how we live on earth!

The workshop draws on our extensive experiences in Feldenkrais and outdoor practice in intermaterial relationship with our surroundings. As practitioners we have both been active for more than fifteen years, together having completed the second year of Helen Poynor’s Walk of Life Training in Non-stylised and Environmental Movement in 2015-2016.

About the Artists:

Paula Kramer is an artist-researcher and movement artist based in Berlin. She completed an artistic PhD in Dance at Coventry University (UK) in 2015, followed by three years as a post-doctoral researcher at the Centre for Artistic Research (CfAR) at Uniarts Helsinki (FI). As a dancer she has worked extensively with Helen Poynor, Bettina Mainz and Suprapto Suryodarmo. Her work explores intermateriality through site-specific movement, dance and choreography. In her working practice she collaborates with materials and organisms of many different orders – as active agents in the making of movement, performance and choreography, and as partners in the creation of daily life and sense-making. She publishes widely in the field of artistic research through bodily practices and is a board member of the Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices as well as a founding member of AREAL – Artistic Research Lab Berlin. Her artist book Suomenlinna // Gropius – two Contemplations on Body, Movement and Intermateriality came out in 2021 (Triarchy Press, UK).

Sharon Gimpel is a Feldenkrais practitioner and movement artist based in Stroud. She has a BA in movement and movement notation from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance (2003) and trained as a Feldenkrais practitioner with Dr. Eilat Almagor (Jerusalem 2004 and Italy 2006). She completed two years of the Walk of Life Training Programme in Non-stylised and Environmental Movement with Helen Poynor (2014-2016). Sharon has been teaching Feldenkrais for the last 16 years in both groups and individual settings and runs workshops that combine Awareness through Movement classes with non-stylised movement and improvisation. Her evolving movement research is fed and inspired by her various teachers and paths – The Eshcol-Wachman movement notation, Amos Hetz (Movement Improvisation), the Feldenkrais Method and in the last eight years working with Helen Poynor. As a dancer she is creating work in various collaborations, both in Israel and the UK, most recently as part of a group video performance/exhibition “In the space of one moment” (Cabry Gallery, Israel, Nov. 2020).

Paula Kramer: www.paulakramer.de
Sharon Gimpel: https://www.facebook.com/feldenkraisstroud/

Please bring with you:

* snacks, lunch, water bottle, a hot drink – whatever you need to sustain yourself throughout our time together 
* as well as a mat, blanket or pad for the indoor session
* please wear comfortable clothes which allow freedom of movement for both in- and outdoors; layers, waterproofs. We might be in stillness as well as on rough terrain outside, and the weather can change! Please come prepared.
* minimize stuff and valuables as much as possible – we can leave things in the studio, but it will be used to set up tech for the conference

We look forward to working with you!
Sharon & Paula

This workshop is on the opening day of the symposium and will finish in time for main registration.