We have just released tickets to Ann-Marie Fairbrother & Katsura Isobe’s performance/installationb In Collaboration with Mugwort (Artemisia vulgarise)

Tuesday June 28 • 20.00 – 21.30 • Studio 20

An invitation to engage deeply with a member of the plant kingdom through the senses, to meet other and therefore ourselves.
An immersion combining performance, art objects and workshop elements. A meeting with mugwort for 10 participants

Firstly Inviting Mugwort in Mugwort smudging to open the space Beginning with a tea mediation to drop into our own somatic and imaginal meetings with Mugwort tapping into old ways of knowing other living beings of the earth.

Followed by ‘Moving with Mugwort, how Mugwort moves me’ An installation and performance emerging through a collaborative residency at the Chisenhale Dance Space and immersion in ‘The Hackney Marshes’ featuring: Katsura Isobe’s movement performance deeply influenced by her authentic movement practice, responding to creative plant workings and meetings with Mugwort. And Life sized silk cyanotypes hung in the space made on the Hackney Marshes with body and plant by Ann-Marie Fairbrother drawing on inner and outer visions.

Lastly Meet Mugwort in person Experience the ‘Mugwort Dreaming Bed’ made with whole Mugwort plants picked under the full moon and wrapped in felt, dropping into your own somatic experience. Make a simple Mugwort adornment bringing it into close to your body and see how Mugwort moves you. You could try the tradition of wearing a midsummer Mugwort crown at to protect from expansive summer forces and drunkenness!
To complete we will gather together sharing two or three words that holding people’s experiences to collate kennings such as ‘Crone Softly Holding’, ‘Attracting Hidden Vitality’. Walk away with Mugwort leaves in your shoes, a folk tradition, and a sprig to put beneath their pillow to illuminate dreams.