Tania Haberland & Fabrizio Dalle Piane: Poetic Shelter


Monday June 27 • 11.30 – 13.00


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Poetic Shelter : Eco Poetic Somatic Ritual

Eco comes from the Greek word oikos, meaning home. How can we co-create a sense of belonging and joyful meaning with the earth our home, in this era of the anthropocene, this delicate moment of climate crises? Ancient nature wisdoms and world myths merge with contemporary poetry practices and timeless breath-work & martial arts. We synergise our bodies to the rhythms of the seasons and energise our hearts and minds with the summer sun, earth, air and water to celebrate Life. We learn to develop a poetic shelter for our soul within this planet we call home.

A poet and a martial somatics teacher guide participants in an experiential sense-based ritual combining words (written and spoken) , meditative movement practices and found objects from nature to create a sense of connection and listening , to build a symbolic home with our voices , bodies and imagination .

Participants will be invited to bring an object from nature they found that speaks to them , pen and paper. Through a series of creative mind-body sense-based exercises such as guided free writing and continuum movement inspired meditations each participant will connect with this object through breath, body and words . Based on the solar and lunar cycles of the day/night we present the workshop, we will decide what feeling/theme to explore, for example letting go or celebration, gratitude or surrender etc…

At the end of the workshop the participants will have created an offering they can go and give to a place or tree or piece of ground. The offering is a poem (created during the workshop) combined with the object they brought and a body prayer (created during the workshop) This will be done at a symbolic time of the day or night after the workshop , each on his/her own time. And to document with a picture to be sent to the group. Before giving the offering, the participants will do a breathing meditation to connect to the space, care for the space by cleaning it if necessary or caressing it etc, and then give the offering of their artistic expression along with a strand of their own hair.


About the artists

Tania Haberland, PHD candidate in ecopoetics at ULB, is a poet, bodyworder and biophilic artivist, born in South Africa to a Mauritian mother and a German father. She has presented her intercultural work in festivals and performances around the world. She currently lives in Italy with her partner Fabrizio Dalle Piane, where she works on developing The Technology of Tenderness and their CreatiVita project. Her first poetry collection, Hyphen, won the Ingrid Jonker Prize in 2010. Her first bilingual book Water Flame / Fiamma d’acqua was published by Mille Gru Editions in 2019. Tania found her life motto on an eco-friendly shopping bag in San Francisco: “Shit Happens. Make Compost!”

Fabrizio Dalle Piane is a somatic practices teacher, bodyworker and eclectic performer, inspired by Zen martial arts and nature. European Karate Champion in 1984. He has co-written two books on Watsu and Tantsu. With his partner Tania Haberland, he has been collaborating for 10 years on the development of The Technology of Tenderness and the CreatiVita project. His approach to health and personal growth is a ‘holistic rebellion’ : We learn by unlearning and we do by not doing. Our life is movement.