Sarah Hyde: Opening to the Dream of Nature – a participatory movement ritual


Sarah Hyde
Opening to the Dream of Nature – A participatory movement ritual

Tuesday June 28 • 17.00 – 18.00

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Sarah Hyde
Opening to the Dream of Nature – A Participatory Movement Ritual

Tuesday June 28 • 17.00 – 18.00

About this Movement Ritual

Opening to the Dream of Nature a participatory movement ritual It starts with
simple movement practices
to wake up the senses

loosen the body
relax and let go of tensions

It comes to
recognising our deep need
for reconnection
and the doorways to non human worlds

It’s about
how to ask permission to enter these worlds to listen to and receive the answer

If we are welcomed
it’s about how we step into this elemental world and remember we are here as a guest

If we are that guest
how do we allow ourselves to flow as part of an unfolding story
and not desire to write that story

Its about feeling the beauty
joy and aliveness
that comes with taking part
in that wide non-human community

It’s about our return
as we wake
and remember
who we really are and how much we really care Sarah Hyde


About Sarah:

Sarah Hyde received a BSc in Ecology and Zoology from Exeter University before going on to train at the British School of Naturopathy and Osteopathy. She ran a clinical practice for over 30 years alongside teaching movement and meditation.
Sarah now focuses on her Healing Moves programme based in West Wales. The essence of Healing Moves is how to bring healing and vitality back to the ever-depleting natural environment, both within the landscape and the human body. Her practice is grounded in the growing of vegetables and the re-wilding of the smallholding where she lives with her husband, daughter and dogs.

Some of her most important influences have been the practice of Satipathana meditation, as taught by John Garrie; the non-stylised Amerta movement form of Suprapto Suryodarmo; Plant Spirit Medicine as taught by Eliot Cowan , and Sandra Reeves Move into Life.