Rosalind Masson: Interspecies awareness/respiration


A self-guided audio-led workshop.

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Rosalind is unable to join in person but is offering a collection of Interspecies awareness workshops as self-guided audio workshops. These have been co- created with fellow artists/performers over the past year within the dance production ‘’Occupying Eden’’ and which will be continued to be developed and refined in 2022 with the support of Fonds Dastellende Künste under the research title ‘’Symbiotic Awareness Practices’’. The workshops were first devised and performed within the choreographic work ‘’Occupying Eden’’with the desire to facilitate an embodied experience of interspecies awareness for audience members and participants.

Details to follow.

Workshop 1: Symbiotic Respiration
Dawn Workshop
The function of breath in relation to respiration, interspecies cellular respiration Body Part: The Lungs

Workshop 2: Edible Delights
Early Morning
Foraging for edible plants while exploring the mechanisms of taste and the tongue. Body Part: The Heart/Tongue

Workshop 3: Plant and Body Structures
Linguistic and Tactile analysis of the physical and mental structures mirrored in our relationship to plants.
Body Parts: the Skeleton/Muscular structure/Liver

Workshop 4: Plant species co- exploration
Afternoon Workshop (partner workshop)
Pleasure/sensation through touch and smell with a variety of plant species The nose/Skin/Lungs

Workshop 5: Listening to Plants
Evening Workshop
Can we identify difference plant species through deep listening? What can we observe when we tune our awareness to sonic interaction between species and the movement of the air? Body Parts: Ears/Kidneys

Workshop 6: Mycellium and body/earth awareness
Night workshop Networks/L-systems, Composting and being composted: Are we being okay with the prospect of being ingested by fungi? Acceptance of our potentiality to regenerate through death.
Body Parts: Stomach

About the artists

Rosalind graduated from London Contemporary Dance school in 2006 and completed a Masters Degree from DJCAD in Media Arts in 2008. In 2009, she worked at Movement Research in New York. From 2008 – 2013, she collaborated as performer and choreographer in rock, folk and contemporary music as well as performing in the work of visual artists, dance film-makers and choreographers in Germany, the U.K and the U.S. In 2010, she began producing her own choreographic work under the title Anima(l)[us]. She has directed and produced ten live works and five works for screen which have been shown internationally. In 2014, she joined Laborgras collective based in Berlin, creating and performing in four new works under the title “The Renaissance Project”. She became vice-chair of Neisse Centre for Contemporary Art in 2019, has been the artistic director /assistant of TanzTage Goerlitz for three years and continues her freelance work choreographing, collaborating, teaching and performing.