Meri Erkkila – Rekindling connection on three levels


Monday June 27 • 15.15 – 16.45

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The focus of this movement exploration is to rekindle our connection to nature through exploring the connection to ourselves, our bodies, each other, and to nature. We as human beings are part of the interconnected natural world. The global pandemic has further disconnected us from each other through enforced restrictions and social isolation. We cannot thrive without being connected to ourselves and our surroundings. Only through rekindling this connection can we become aware of the effect that our surroundings have on us and the effect we have on our surroundings.

This workshop takes place outdoors. We will make use of the surrounding area during movement improvisations where we explore grounding, different body connectivities and being in movement with each other. Finally, we will discover what resources nature brings us in terms of social, emotional and physical well being.

There will be time to journal or draw impressions emerging from the movements so participants are asked to bring a notebook/paper and pens.


About Meri

I am a special needs primary and secondary school teacher, dance movement therapist and semi-professional dancer. I was born in Helsinki, Finland but spent fourteen years abroad in Newcastle NE of England, Argyll in West Coast Scotland and Rotterdam, The Netherlands. My love for the arts and movement led me to studying theatre, dance and finally a masters in dance movement therapy. I wrote my thesis research on the importance of Safe Space in dance therapy. My longing to feel rooted and settled brought me back to live in Finland in 2020 where I have recently started a private dance movement therapy practice. I’ve lived in rural and urban environments and become acutely aware of the effect that living in different environments has on my somatic and emotional well being. With concern, I witness and observe clients I work with suffer from disconnection with their bodies which contributes to mental and physical health problems. Mental health cannot be separated from the body. Dance movement therapy addresses the complete wellbeing of a person. We function on three levels: somatic, emotional, cognitive, and all of these need to be taken into consideration to foster change on an individual and collective level.