Marco Pogačnik: Gaia Touch Body Exercises


Marco Pogačnik: Gaia Touch Body Exercises

Wednesday June 29 • 11.30 – 13.00 • Studio 3

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GAIA TOUCH body exercises Gaia Touch body exercises are dedicated to deepening the relationship between human beings and the Earthly creation. Their purpose is to help us to attune better to the multidimensional nature of our home planet and its diverse inhabitants. The exercises represent a combination of body movements and imaginations to foster the cooperation with Gaia and her universe. Besides individual exercises there exist also several exercises for groups and a number of hand movements. The exercises were all created in the last 24 years as a surprising result of my Earth healing work in different natural and urban ambiences. During the 80-ies of the last century I have developed methods of ecological healing similar to acupuncture of the human body. Since my profession is a sculptor so I use for this purpose stones with carved signs that I call cosmograms. Their function is to communicate with the elemental consciousness of the given place or landscape. I do not use always in my work stone setting, the most of the work is done with groups – in this case I work with sounding, color imaginations and movement. In the late 90-ies I noticed that some places I work with “answer” to by inspiring certain movements.

Soon I recognized that those movements embody the specific quality of the given place and on the other hand correspond to diverse processes that are important for human development, grounding and attunement at this specific time of intense planetary changes. The authentic power of the Gaia Touch exercises is generated through the interaction between the exercising person and the spatial quality of those places on Earth that inspired them. Exercises work also in the opposite direction. By performing a Gaia Touch exercise one supports the given place and its elemental and other beings in their striving to protect the true identity of their place and to strengthen its contribution to the ever changing Earth. With the expression “elemental beings” are meant fractals of Gaia, the cosmic consciousness of the Earth, that support vital processes in nature and in the landscape. Gaia Touch exercises are based upon synchronicity between the body movements and our capacity of imagination. It is not always needed to have in mind the background of the given exercise while performing it.

Yet it is good to know its purpose and which of its movements need to be supported by the corresponding inner image. If more background information to the themes of the Gaia Touch is needed look into author’s books: Universe of the Human Body and Dancing with the Earth Changes (all by Lindisfarne Books). You can get help also from videos where the author shows how to perform the exercises, to be found at Gaia Touch exercises are also published in the form of Cards with author’s drawings published by Genius Loci Publishing in two versions, English and German.

They can be ordered at www.geniusloci- Everybody is free to use Gaia Touch exercises, to perform them publicly, to adjust them to one’s intuition, to teach them to others, and to enjoy them by oneself. I propose three possibilities of collaboration:

Marco’s presentation will be a recorded introduction followed by a facilitated workshop.