Helen Poynor: Tree Time Score (independent exploration)


Tuesday June 28 • 09.30 – 11.00

This is an independent workshop

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Tree Time – notes on participation

The score is freely given for you to engage with in your own way.

The intention is to offer an embodied experience of being with and moving with trees. You can choose to do the score in your own time, you may do it once or at several different times becoming more familiar with it each time.

As a way of reaching across time and space and of being in each other’s company while participating in the score, People Dancing are inviting you to carry it out on three specific days at different times of year: Sunday, 27th June, Thursday, 19th August and Friday 22nd October.

You are invited to participate on any one or all three of these days. You may go to the same place to experience it in different seasons or choose to do it at different times of day or in different weathers.

Important Practicalities

Allow at least 11/2 hours to do the score.

Please be respectful of the environment and do not damage it in any way. Enter into relationship with it rather than using it for your own ends.

Stay safe, don’t take any risks or put anyone else at risk. What you need to bring (and not to bring) with you:

  • ➢  If possible please print the score, large enough so that it is easy to read and take it out on site in a plastic sleeve.
  • ➢  Wear comfortable clothes that allow freedom of movement and which you don’t mind getting dirty. Be prepared for unpredictable weather, take extra layers, a hat (rain or shine), gloves if it’s cold, sunscreen, a water-bottle and a flask with a hot drink if you wish. As you will be lying on the ground it is advisable to wear waterproofs (top and trousers) unless the ground is completely dry and there’s no chance of rain or you don’tmind getting wet.
  • ➢  You are advised not to work with any exposed flesh in case of ticks. Even in warm weather wear long trousers tucked into socks, tops that tuck in securely and long sleeves. Use an effective repellent and check yourself for ticks after working and in the shower. If you find any make sure they are safely and promptly removed (see www.LymeDiseaseAction.org.uk for further information). Be aware of any other potential hazards in the part of the world you are working in.
  • ➢  Bring a notebook and pen, a drawing pad and some oil pastels or other art materials.
  • ➢  You are advised not to bring any valuables with you so you are not concerned with

    trying to keep any eye on them while you are working.

  • ➢  Except for concerns about safety (for example if you are working somewhere isolated) or if your phone is the only way of bringing the score with you to the place you have chosen (see above) we suggest you give yourself phone-free time and leave your phone at home. If you need to bring it for either of the reasons above and wish to take a photo of where you were moving please do so after you’ve completed the score including any drawing or writing.


If you would like to, People Dancing invite you to share your experience of participating in Tree Time, by posting your first name, the place, date and time that you did the score alongside any of the drawings or extracts of the writing that you made at the end.

We suggest you experience the score for yourself first before viewing anything that others have posted so that you come to it fresh.

If you would like to share your experience please send an email to ciara@communitydance.org.uk with our name, the place, date and time you did the score and the material you wish to share. These materials will be placed on a closed section of the People Dancing website which can only be accessed by other participants who registered to take part in the score. We are able to place a range of formats on the website but please contact Ciara if you have any questions about the formats we can accept. Please note that by submitting material for sharing you confirm that it may be freely shared on the People Dancing website.


The Score

Find the score at performativities.info/media/Poynor-Tree-Time-Score.pdf