Hannah Beilharz: Embodying Grief: filming as a somatic feminist practice


Tuesday June 28 • 11.30 – 13.00

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Embodying Grief will be a workshop that explores filming as a somatic feminist practice. The workshop will approach the method of somatic filming as a transformative mode of connecting with the environment, within the contexts of ecological grief and the climate crisis. The workshop will seek to explore the transformative potential of grief within somatic experiencing, with the goal of envisioning new ways of being in relation with the environment. The workshop is informed by my visual arts practice of the last five years in which I developed a specific filming technique that is informed by feminist theory and somatic methodologies. This is a method of filming that incorporates the movement, physical sensations, and experiences of the body within space. It aims to involve the body and its physical sense of the environment within film, opening possibilities for making images that represent a somatic experiencing of the world. Participants are invited to bring their phone for filming, or a film camera if they prefer. In this workshop, the focus is on the shared experience of creating film through an embodied practice, so the quality of the filming equipment is not important. One of the aims of the Embodying Grief workshop is to share artistic strategies as tools for being in the world, reconnecting to a bodily experience of the environment through breath, smell, sound, and touch. This method can be extended into everyday life, offering an
opportunity to think through and beyond the contemporary moment of climate crisis. It will also offer participants alternative ways to process and work through an embodied experience of ecological grief, in relationship with the natural world.

About Hannah

I am a multidisciplinary artist currently working with the themes of ecological grief in the context of the climate crisis. My works often take the form of large-scale installations incorporating sound, sculpture, and video. I am interested in how art as a transdisciplinary mode of working can intervene in the world through the combination of visual strategies, critical theory and sharing stories of lived experience. I am currently undertaking a research project on the transformative potential of ecological grief within the climate crisis through a Master of Fine Arts in Lucerne, Switzerland. Previously based in Naarm (Melbourne) Australia, I completed a Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours) at RMIT University in 2017 and have since undertaken several
long-term projects exploring diverse themes including feminist perspectives on the body, mourning landscapes after wildfires, and trauma recovery through sculpture and performance.