Emma Linford: Unrunning; desire and enchantment on the Dartington Estate


A workshop on Emma’s exploratory practice of ‘unrunning’

Monday, June 27 09.30 – 11.00

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I will lead a workshop on my exploratory practice of ‘unrunning’. At its foundation, the practice is a multidiscipinary, sympoetic, anti-capitalist and experiential form of movement that lies at the intersection of queer ecology, deep mapping and activism. Removing the barriers of risk assessment, private land, outcomes, hierarchy or measurement, we will run/jog/make movement around the Dartington Estate, responding to individual desire and consensus to move with nature in the form of a ‘drift’. Along the way, and at appropriate junctures, I will propose certain scores to be experienced. These are designed to attune the senses to the more-than- human, place and bring our true selves into sharper focus. The session can last 1.5-2 hours in length. No special equipment is required apart from something comfortable to run in and preferably some running shoes.

About Emma:

Emma Linford is an explorer, of ideas and adventures. Seeking more authentic and meaningful interactions than as a Creative in the Design Industry, she took a dramatic swerve away from being part of the capitalist machine to refocus her energy on facilitating transformational change for people and organisations in wilder environments. Continuing her journey to reframe the ego- performance narrative, she is now exploring and cultivating an eco movement practice that brings human and non human together. She is an International Mountain Leader and RGS Fellow